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Moving In Information

Moving in Information

Collecting Keys

The keys will usually be available from the beginning of July. We do not send keys out by post for security reasons. If you have left Manchester at the end of June and will not be moving in until September, keys will be available when you return to Manchester or will be left with the first member of the group to arrive. When you receive your set of keys, do not mark the house number on them.

Keys may only be collected by advance appointment 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Please email us to confirm receipt of this information and the attachments – keys cannot be handed out until you have done this. A copy of the tenancy agreement is available to be collected from the office.

Staying Over the Summer

Several days are needed to check over the property at the beginning of July. If you want to move in straight away at the beginning of July (or any time during July and August), we must know at least 10 days in advance. Full rent is payable over July and August if you live at the property.

Important Notice for Tenants Living in Properties during the Summer Retainer Period.

During this period, we clean, redecorate and do any jobs or repairs at the property. Please report emergencies only, not small items that will be attended to during the summer anyway.

Leaving Possessions over the Summer

Items left at the beginning of July can be put either in the basement areas or your rooms. Leave your belongings in boxes or bags clearly marked with your name and year. Do not leave any valuables and preferably take your bicycles home also.Possessions are left at your own risk.


It is very important to always use security features on the house particularly over the summer. Get into a routine whenever you go out of doing the following:

  • Close ground floor curtains
  • Leave at least one light on in the house and preferably a radio playing as well.
  • Lock all windows and ensure window locks are used.
  • Mortice lock all doors.
  • Set the security alarm if supplied.

We check unoccupied houses on a regular basis. If you have keys and are going to be staying in the house, let us know so we don’t shock you and you don’t shock us.

Council Tax Information

The landlord of the property does not pay the Council Tax; as the tenants of the property you are responsible for this. If you are all full-time students then your property will be classed as exempt from payment.

As students you will need to register the property for exemption which can be done via the Manchester City Council website at:

This needs to be done as soon as possible from the start of your tenancy. Try and do this in July/August.

Contact details for Council Tax for Manchester City Council:

Address:              The Council Tax Service Revenues and Benefits Unit

PO Box 147


M15 5TU

Telephone:         01612196130



Please ensure that you sign on with the utility providers to be operative from July 1st.

On this day we take gas and electric readings at all properties and you will be responsible for the standing charge and the energy consumed from this date. The electricity must be left on in the property as it is necessary to keep the fridge, freezer and burglar alarm functional. Card meters and prepayment meters are not allowed. Fridge and freezer units must be plugged in and left working even when you are away.

If you forget to contact the Utility providers, you might well return to a cold, dark house. (not applicable to bills inclusive properties).

To find out who the current utility providers are, please contact the following authorities with the property address and postcode:

Gas and Electricity:                                                      0800 188 4999

Electricity                           Electricity North West Ltd                                          0800 195 4141


Water                                  United Utilities Accounts Department                     0345 672 2888

                                             General line                                                                  0345 672 3723

Telephone                          BT Dial 150

Rent Cheques

Rent cheques are put into the bank on the morning of the 1st of the month (except weekends). If your funds are delayed, get in touch with us before the first and we can hold them for a few days. Cheques returned unpaid incur both bank charges and penalties.

Items Supplied

This is a general guide only, for specific properties please consult the inventory.

Bedrooms: Bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, Shelves, desk (or table), chair, occasionally easy chair, mirror, small bin.

Lounge (if in the property): three piece suite or sofa/s, coffee table, TV table, sometimes dining table and chairs.

Kitchen: Fridge, freezer, cooker and microwave. All houses (some flats) have a washer/dryer or washing machine and separate dryer.

General: Light shades and curtains throughout, smoke alarms.

Items Not Supplied

Bedding, pillows, iron, kettle, toaster, small electrical kitchen appliances, crockery, cutlery, vacuum cleaner.


Telephone 0161 257 2895 between 8.30am and 6.00pm (unless emergency only). Leave a message on the answer phone with your name, contact number and property address. If you wish to contact us outside of business hours, please send an email to


In emergencies only please call 07751574123 stating the property address, the nature of emergency and a number to return the call; our maintenance team will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy your stay in our accommodation.
Crossway Estates
9 Crossway
Didsbury M20 6TU

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