We hope you enjoy staying in your house this year. If there are any problems with the house we can be contacted using the 24-hour answerphone at our office: 445 0662.
Our maintenance team is on call to make repairs and improve the properties.

        We need to know immediately of any emergencies such as gas leaks, or water leaks. These problems will be acted on immediately.
All properties have regular gas and electrical safety inspections and certification.

*      REPAIRS - appliances, furniture, electrical, pest control - call the office on 445 0662.

*      INSTRUCTION FOLDERS - In a kitchen drawer in the property is an Instruction Folder (also called a House Manual).  
        The instruction folders have all tenancy documents (including an inventory), safety certificates, and instructions for appliances and general running of the property. Please add instructions for new appliances into this folder and remove ones no longer in use. Also, please keep this folder clean, up-to-date and in its original state and place.

*      FIRE ALARM INFORMATION - the code to turn off the fire alarm is: 4415.

        If there is a fault buzzing noise put in the same number again and press reset. More information on the fire alarm can be found in the instruction folder. 

*      FORMS LINK - Standing order form, guarantor form, etc.




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