Dear Tenants, we hope you have enjoyed your stay in our accommodation. To ensure the speedy return of your deposit, please ensure:

Departure Date and Keys

Your tenancy terminates at 11 am on 30th June. A complete set of keys from each tenant MUST be returned directly to us, by this time, AT THE LATEST (including all window lock keys).

Label your set of keys and identify your room (i.e. Ground front, top middle etc.) Then place ALL the sets of keys together in a bag and arrange a time with us, in advance, to bring them to the office. You must directly hand the keys to us. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Our telephone number is 0161 257 2895

Additional charges are payable for the late return of keys



When the entire group has left the accommodation, the premises are checked over.

You will also need to send us copies of your receipts to prove you have paid all final bills of electricity, telephone, waste water rates and council tax. You must inform the Utility providers that your tenancy is ending.

Once you have obtained these receipts, clip them together and post a copy to the relevant office:

Crossway Estates

65 Daisy Bank Road


M14 5QL



Crossway Estates

9 Crossway



M20 6TU

When we have received all receipts and bills from you, the deposits are sent back.

Each tenant should leave a stamped addressed envelope (first class) for the return of their deposit – brought to our office, when you drop off the keys.

Property Condition

Ensure that the property is left in the clean condition in which you found it: appliances in working order; all items as marked on the inventory; all rubbish removed to the dustbins; furniture restored to its original position; and all plugs, bulbs, lampshades etc. in place and working. The door closers should be left working and intact. The bedroom furniture must be left empty, then wiped clean, in each room and the carpets fully vacuumed. The cooker, oven, microwave and any other appliances should be fully cleaned out. The fridge and freezer should be defrosted and cleaned out. If there is a basement at your property, it should be left completely clear of any rubbish, or belongings (unless the new tenants) or furniture and brushed out.

Please see the document ‘DON’T LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT – CLEANING CHECKLIST’ to help you with this.

Ensure that you take ALL your possessions and dispose of ALL rubbish. A labour charge will be deducted from your deposit for unnecessary inconvenience. Any tenant’s belongings left after the tenancy ceases, will be considered redundant and disposed of accordingly.

Vacuum Cleaner

No allowance will be made for premises left in an unclean condition due to a faulty vacuum cleaner. For any accommodation left in an overall unsatisfactory condition, contract cleaners will be brought in and their charges will be deducted from the tenants’ deposits.

We really appreciate you co-operating with these points which will both save you money and help the next tenants who may want to move in at once.

Meter Readings

Arrange to have your electricity meters read on the day before your departure. You must arrange this yourself. Usually they require seven days notice. Please note that you are responsible for paying the standing charge for electricity, and the full charge for Council tax and Waste water Rates until the 30th June, even if you leave early. We take meter readings at all properties on 30th June, so if you require the readings, please phone the office from the 4th July onwards.

Standing Order Payments to the bank

Please make sure you cancel your standing order with the bank. It is not a direct debit and we cannot give instructions to your bank.

Redirecting Mail

Please tell your likely correspondents of your impending change of address and also contact the post office to have your mail redirected. All mail for previous tenants is returned to the Post Office in bulk.


Please ensure that all items are removed from the property, other than the furniture and furnishings provided at the beginning of the Tenancy.

See RECYCLING LEAFLET from Manchester City Council – there may be a risk of £400 fine if items are not disposed of correctly!

Please take toasters, kettles and irons with you. We are unable to leave any of your electrical items in the property for the next tenants, as they will require electrical certification. These items must be taken with you or they can be re-cycled, by you, if they are in working order. Phone 0161 257 2895


West Didsbury:
Co-Op Car Park, Burton Road.

· Glass/paper/shoes/Textiles


Morrisons, Wilbraham Road/ Albany Road.

· Books/cans/glass/liquid & food cartons/paper/plastic bottles/shoes/textiles


Sainsbury’s Car Park, Wilmslow Road.

· Books/cans/glass/liquid & food cartons/paper/plastic bottles/shoes/textiles

Mabfield Road, Platt Fields Park, Grass Verge. M14 6LW (open 24hrs)

. Paper/Cardboard/Cans/Glass/Plastic Bottles/Cartons

Victoria park

ASDA Car Park, Stanley Grove.

· Glass/liquid & food cartons/paper/plastic bottles/shoes/textiles

Hope Road/ Anson Road. (near The Rampant Lion Pub) · Cans/Glass/paper

For a full list log onto: or

Charity shops 
Oxfam –
778 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 2DR – 0161 434 5380

Oxfam –

494 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester, Lancashire, M21 9AS – 0161 861 0108


St Ann’s Hospice –

1-8 Mauldeth Rd, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 6SQ – 0161 445 7990

Victoria Park


300-302 Oxford Rd, Manchester, Lancashire, M13 9NS – 0161 273 2019

Check out:

Refuse disposal site -Sandfold Lane
Household Waste Recycling Centre
Tel: 0161 224 0806
Sandfold Lane, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3BJ
Monday to Sunday – 8:00am to 8:00pm

If your wheeley bin is full, please arrange with the council on “0161 954 9000” for them to remove any excess bags of rubbish. They will arrange a special delivery day for you.

Please be environmentally friendly and recycle unwanted things

Best wishes for the future,

Crossway Estates